Metropolitan Fear news

Hey there.

I’ve never been a big fan of NaNoWriMo ((Inter)National Novel Writing Month).

I guess I always knew the limitations of a busy full time job with tons of responsibility, the commitments of hectic family life, trying to fit in volunteering and supporting others with their dreams and ambitions.

I also didn’t like the thought of intense writing under pressure and the sky-high mess that it would leave me with in terms of editing and work never seeing the light of day.

However… I’ve joined the merry gang willingly this year.

I’ll be cheering you on. I’ll be getting my word count up to more than I have now and that will be a bonus.

I’m aiming for 50K words in total. If I get 5K I’ll be happy. If I get 10K I’ll do a dance (not pretty). If I get 20K I will watch a Rom Com without any complaints. If I get 50K I might just faint with exhaustion.

I have an outline, which is reasonably detailed (ten thousand words or more), but it needs some work and I have some new ideas I’d like to explore.

The most exciting part of signing up was writing the book synopsis/blurb and creating a mock cover*

*Note: I’m certainly no cover magician like Tam Rogers, but she is mega busy with exciting life-changing stuff, so I’ll save her talents for when I have something in draft format. I expect the actual cover to look nothing like this one.

So, here is the new blurb and the mock-cover:

An angel is sent to guard a formidable and malevolent being. Estranged from their homeland, she watches him in a new world, where hope and hate are more than sacred words in scripture. She will witness the violent birth of a new nation and the rising of an almost inconceivable city. Then…. the impossible will happen.

Cal McKinley is no angel. After a sickening terrorist attack on the New York subway which kills two of his friends, he travels from London to seek answers. He needs to harness new-found powers, discover preternatural allies and prevent a city from tearing itself apart.

A lost traveler suffers the pain of profound loss. Somewhere in the distance hope grows, but it is snatched from her in harrowing circumstances. Brought to the point of death, she has lost everything, and now she risks losing her sanity and even her soul.

In the glistening reflection of glass towers, rivers of ferocious creatures, bridges of infinite hope and gardens of rebirth, follow the lives of those living in Metropolitan Fear.






7 Replies to “Metropolitan Fear news”

  1. That’s going to be intense but you’re definitely able mate. Love the blurb, cant wait to read more about Cal. He’s a character waiting to be brought to life onscreen.

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