Countdown deal, NaNo progress and FlashFeeD ranks

Greetings to you on this fine day.

Book discount

To celebrate progress on my next novel, I’ve made Metropolitan Dreams available on a countdown deal. It starts at a heavily discounted rate then the discount is not as generous towards the end date.

It’s had some rather splendid reviews, so I’d love it if you bagged a copy and left me your thoughts.

UK Link:

US Link:


(Inter) National Novel Writing Month is going rather well, for my second novel, Metropolitan Fear. Four days in and I’m only slightly behind word count target. I think I should be able to make this up today. More importantly, I’m delighted with the work. It’s clearly only draft format, but something magical is clicking through the conduit of my keyboard and I’m excited. I am trying to make the most of this wonderful writing time as I can.

Flash FeeD

On the FlashDogs site,, a new writing platform has been created. A new picture prompt is posted each week. Get inspired by the picture, write a story (less than 2000 character in length, so it shouldn’t take you long).

If you register/subscribe, then you can be awarded points (DogTreats) for stories and participation. There are badges that can be earned or awarded. There are ranks (based on dog breeds) which you will progress through the more DogTreats you get.

To help clarify the (current) ranks, I’ve listed them below:

  • Inugami (mythical dog) 20001 – 30000
  • Cerberus (mythical dog) 10000 – 20000
  • The Black Shuck (mythical dog, from my part of the world) 7500 – 9999
  • Painted Dog (semi-mythical dog) 5000 – 7499
  • Siberian Husky 1000 – 4999
  • Irish Wolfhound 500 – 999
  • St Bernard 250 – 499
  • Golden Retriever 100 – 249
  • Cockapoo 75 – 99
  • Papillon 50 – 74
  • Yorkshire Terrier 31 – 49
  • Chihuahua 16 – 30
  • Pup 0 – 15
  • Cujo (reserved for David Shakes) -49999 – -30000
  • Stella (reserved for Emily June Street) -99999 – -50000
  • Arctic Wolf (reserved for Mark A. King) -100000 – -200000

Please join in, it’s a friendly and welcoming community.


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