New Story – Wow, it feels good

First new story in a couple of years. Writing a novel is a slow, and painful process, so it felt good to go back to small word counts and super-tight writing. Thanks for reading. If you can vote then that would be even better (it's in a comp). Thank you kindly - M


Free books – honestly

It's birthday time - so for 14th and 15th Feb my novel, Metropolitan Dreams, and Prompt Stories, my short fiction collection, will be FREE in Kindle ebook format. Metropolitan Dreams UK: … US: … Prompt Stories UK: … US: … Hope you enjoy them, if you do, please leave a review. Thanks very much - …

Winning stories, podium places and feedback: Part two: Angry Hourglass

In a continuation of collating winning stories, podium placing and feedback, I've trawled through some of the old flash fiction competitions. This post is dedicated to the world of the Angry Hourglass, run by LadyHazmat/ Dr Rebecca, pathologist, writer and good friend to flash fiction. Angry Hourglass allowed longer word counts than many other flash …