This is a privacy notice.

About this site and how it is built.

This site,, uses standard themes, templates and comments.

Does the website differ from standard WordPress features?

No. I have not used any plug-ins on this site. The site is stored using secure WordPress servers, using standard WordPress technology to secure it. The site is updated on a regular basis to ensure that the latest patches have been applied.

Use of data

Data collected from the site does not identify individual users. I am unable to see that a specific individual has visited, nor what they have viewed at a level that could identify you personally.

I do not pass any personally identifiable information from my website to anyone else. I do not directly pass any types of user information (other than those that WordPress does using an out of the box web page) to anyone. Any data that is passed is done so purely as a result of running the website and accessing the information contained within it.

I can see some very basic user data, such as numbers of visitors on a given day and country the request came from.

The website works ‘out of the box’ from the standard WordPress offering. I have only modified the style, the words and cosmetics. If you are unsure of how WordPress sites work, I have attached their Privacy notice, below.

Who do I contact?

If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at markaking(at-remove-this-and-replace-with-at-symbol)

Deletion of comments.

This website has not been designed to be a forum for comments. However, if you have made comments in the past or make them in the future and wish for them to be removed, please get in touch (e-mail address in the ‘Who do I contact’ area.


If you are subscribed to e-mail updates, or other forms of notification then you have voluntarily opted to have these services in the past. Please choose ‘unsubscribe’ if you wish to be removed. Or please contact me and I will perform this action manually.


I do not have any cookies operating on the site that are not as a result of running an ‘out of the box’ WordPress website. If you are unsure of WordPress advertising or cookies, please see the information, below.

WordPress Privacy Notice

To ensure that it is up to date, I have attached a link:


WordPress Cookie Notice

To ensure that it is up to date, I have attached a link: