Free books – honestly

It's birthday time - so for 14th and 15th Feb my novel, Metropolitan Dreams, and Prompt Stories, my short fiction collection, will be FREE in Kindle ebook format. Metropolitan Dreams UK: … US: … Prompt Stories UK: … US: … Hope you enjoy them, if you do, please leave a review. Thanks very much - …


2018: Report

Was this year a year of fireworks or going round in circles? What was 2018 like for me? Sure, I know there are a few days left, but what's really going to change? In 2018, I wanted to: Read 30 books. Grade: A+  I did this, which was fairly remarkable given the year I had. …

The process of editing a novel (a.k.a the hardest yet most rewarding thing you can do as a writer)

The draft novel is finished. What now? Almost two years ago, I wrote a post explaining how I took zero words and managed to produce the first draft of a novel. I spent my entire life aspiring to do this almost impossible thing. Life is busy, hectic, full of responsibilities and serious stuff going on--but …

VS365 One year on

FlashDogs Update 5h September 2017 will see the anniversary of VSS365. What is VSS365? A daily prompt (sometimes more than one) is posted each day on Twitter from the @flashdogs account. This for anyone that wants to write a tweet-sized story based on the prompt. Generally, this is just a word, but sometimes it is …

Interview: The Dust Lounge

An interview with some very hard questions. I'd expect nothing less when talking to Tamara Rogers, talented artist and imagineer of Grind Spark.   CHATTING WITH MARK A KING – AUTHOR OF METROPOLITAN DREAMS MARCH 15, 2017 Today I am all sorts of pleased to welcome Mark A King to the Dust Lounge. The …

Writer’s Ink: Mark A. King

Tamara Shoemaker, Freelance Editor/Author

mark-a-kingI “met” Mark A. King on the Flash! Friday weekly flash fiction contest, and quickly came to look forward to the pieces of writing he submitted each week. He had (has) a way with words that sort of wrapped around my imagination, and it was a treat to get to co-judge with him for the same contest for a few months.

Since those days, Mark has started the Flashdogs, a group of writers with some awe-inspiring skills, as well as published several anthologies of flash fiction. Just this month, he’s released his very first novel, Metropolitan Dreams, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Mark is stopping by my website to say hello and intrigue you with his plans for post-apocalyptic world restructure. Just because a genie is involved doesn’t mean it’s easy…


1.) Go ahead and sum up Metropolitan Dreams for us…

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Seven Questions: Mark A. King

emily june street

I am very happy to welcome Mark A. King to my blog for a round of seven questions, featuring his debut novel Metropolitan Dreams. Mark is one of the founders of FlashDogs, a global community of talented flash fiction writers. His flash fiction stories have been published in a number of anthologies and magazines. Mark was born and raised in London, works in Cambridge, and lives in Norfolk, England.


1-Pitch your book in three sentences or less.

M.A.K.: In the aftermath of a violent crime we follow the connected stories of an injured nightclub bouncer, an ageing crime-lord, a conflicted police hacker, a traumatised Tube-driver and a vulnerable twelve-year-old girl as they fight for survival, purpose and redemption in the fractured city of London. Along the journey we discover lost rivers, abandoned underground stations, mysterious forces and angels (perhaps).

2-Is your book indie-published or traditionally published? Tell us a little about that journey.

M.A.K.: Indie published. Having monitored…

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