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Metropolitan Dreams

The debut novel from Mark A. King

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This is a tale of two cities. Darkness and light.Sinners and angels.
In the daylight, London sparkles, beckoning tourists, optimists and dreamers from across the globe. The sunlit city weaves together the lives of repentant crime-lords, altruistic nightclub bouncers and resolute detectives.
In the darkness, London festers, drools, tempts and corrupts. It is a world where the desperate are lured, the weak are exploited, and good men wrap themselves in the blanket of criminal rewards. In the seething streets, the hissing underground stations and lost subterranean rivers, the metropolitan dreams of ethical hackers, desperate criminals and traumatized Tube-drivers unfold.
Maria, a vulnerable twelve-year-old from Kerala, India, has travelled half the world in search of her past and hopes for the future. Within hours, violent chaos engulfs her. Maria is tracked, hunted and pursued–she can rescue the city, but first she must save herself.

Praise for Metropolitan Dreams:

“…The next grit-fantasy (that’s a genre, promise) TV box set we’re all talking about.” Amazon review.

“Scary, clever, emotional and real. When an author can make fantasy feel real – be afraid. Brilliant!” Amazon review

“Great characterisations, cleverly executed, wonderfully descriptive, and with a touch of the mystical. Something for everyone: thriller, crime, supernatural and psychological.” Amazon review.

“The characters in Metropolitan Dreams are easy to relate to and engaging, but more than that, they exude a genuineness and realism that few authors can achieve.”


“Metropolitan Dreams is thought-provoking and original.”

“This debut novel displays an impressive amount of writing skill, stamping Mark A. King as an  author to keep an eye on.” Five star review, by Caitlin Lyle Farley for Readers’ Favorite

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