23 days to go – Heart of Glass

To celebrate my debut novel, Metropolitan Dreams, I will be posting free stories over the period of the campaign.

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Heart of Glass

A city is just a desert.

Sand everywhere, transformed by furnace and chemicals into the spires of glass, transparent walls of opulence and gluttonous coffee-shop excess.

I run through the dunes, a blurred shape against the glass malls and lights.

The city also has an absence of intelligent life. The passer-by assuming I’m an unclean addict, or worse.

Like the desert, the city is cold at night, cold enough to kill; the frigid air inhaled by the nocturnal predators and scavengers who roam the lands seeking prey.

A car will offer warmth. A stranger offer shelter. But at what price?

The predators will not get me, for I am wise to them.

At first, I believed my mistakes had led me here. That I somehow deserved this infinite land of purgatory. Did I care well enough for mum? Maybe my blunders and occasional time spent eating or sleeping cost her weeks, months, or pain? I’d curse myself that she’d still be here and I’d not have gone into the care system. But I have come to slowly realise that I am not at fault.

One day I will proudly walk the glass dunes. My head will not be high. I will be looking towards to ground, where I once slept.



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