Free story – 23.5 days to go

To celebrate my debut novel, Metropolitan Dreams, I will be posting free stories over the period of the campaign.

What can you do to support me?

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Metropolitan Dreams

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Enjoy the story below.

The Troll ‘ neath the Towers


The troll lives ‘neath the forever-shadows of the twin towers.

On his commute, through the dustbowl city, he brings light to the masses with his disarming smile and a tip ‘o the cap.

In the ramshackle apartment he calls home, he has ten thousand names.

He eats from roughly hacked cans. He slumbers in contented dreams of pain.

All his riches spent on proxy servers, fake identities and cloud accounts.

He trolls the victims of the twin towers. Taunts the religious for being stupid. Castigates the non-believers for their intolerance. Feeds the conspiracy beasts of the illuminati, oh the beautiful illuminati.

He waits for the days of the glorious hashtag.

#AskELJames—it calls him like Meth. He fires insults at both sides. Today is a Platinum Ticket for the Troll.

And tomorrow you will see him and smile—for he has the glow of a child in a chocolate factory.




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