Winning stories, podium places and feedback: Part two: Angry Hourglass

In a continuation of collating winning stories, podium placing and feedback, I've trawled through some of the old flash fiction competitions. This post is dedicated to the world of the Angry Hourglass, run by LadyHazmat/ Dr Rebecca, pathologist, writer and good friend to flash fiction. Angry Hourglass allowed longer word counts than many other flash …

Winning stories, podium places and feedback: Part one : Flash! Friday

In an attempt to tidy up, I thought it would be good to go through some of the old competitions and post winning stories, podium places or feedback. Partially to remind myself that once upon a time I produced winning work on a regular basis that others enjoyed. I loved the challenge of pitting myself …

Emerging Horizons

I had the most wonderful news recently. The British Fantasy Society (a big deal in Fantasy writing, films and conventions all the way back to 1971), were looking to find and promote the next generation of talented Fantasy writers. They've deemed one of my stories to be worthy of such an honour. Their initiative is …

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 30 | Flash! Friday : The Dance of the Origami Girl and Porcelain Boy

Story elements (base your story on any TWO of these; be sure to tell us which two you chose): * Plot: A clever, now fabulously wealthy man seeks revenge on those who once wrongfully imprisoned him. * Conflict: man vs man * Character: escaped convict * Theme(s): revenge AND/OR justice * Setting: Napoleonic France   Story Elements: Character & Theme …

“The Soul Catcher” – The Angry Hourglass #50 – Win

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I was honoured and privileged to be chosen as winner at The Angry Hourglass for my story “The Soul Catcher”. Many thanks to judge Voima Oy.

The Angry Hourglass

The Soul Catcher

by Mark A. King

A Photograph Captures the Soul – Traditional Indigenous belief

I remember the first photograph. Yes, yes, how could I not?

My emaciated body ravaged over the centuries, gorged on that first image. I’d fed on the scraps of paintings, the reflections in mirrors and water. But this barely sustained me. I was a but a shell, a vessel, a husk.

They say John the Baptist consumed nothing but locusts and honey in the arid deserts and I have fed on worse.

The very first picture, low definition, grainy and monotone – was like the promise of manna.

Yet I was still hungry. Always hungry.

Later, through the lens of glorious Technicolor, I devoured the entire spectrum of a soul. The dry chalk of powder-puff blue, the bitterness of yellow, the tang of crimson and the spice of teal.

Oh, the souls…

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A Recipe for (a) Disaster – Winner of special challenge award – FINISH THAT THOUGHT #2-8

In this competition, you are given a word prompt (below), an optional special challenge, 500 words and one day to complete it. Prompt (Items in brackets can be changed): I'm sorry, [sir], but I believe that's [my] [suitcase]. Special Challenge: Include a special recipe. Title: A recipe for (a) disaster “I’m sorry, buddy, but I believe …