Spotlight: Tamara Shoemaker

Flash! Friday

Tamara Shoemaker 3

She almost doesn’t need an introduction: she’s an active member here at Flash! Friday, supporting the community with her writing, faithful commenting, and even serving as a judge this round. Today we welcome you to join us as we dig a little deeper and get to know the extraordinary Tamara Shoemaker even better.

And as thanks for joining us: Tamara has graciously consented to giving away a FREE copy of her upcoming novel, Kindle the Flame, to a randomly chosen commenter. Thanks TS!


You’ve just published your fourth novel (Soul Survivor, May 1) and are about to publish your fifth (Kindle the Flame, June 1), and your first three books have all been published since March 2013. So my first question is: ARE YOU CRAZY?!

Crazy? I’m fairly sure there is a certain probability that this is the case. After Broken Crowns was published in…

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