The Superhero Alchemist : Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 19 | Flash! Friday

The Superhero Alchemist

She sits and waits. Her time is coming.

In her kitchen, the kettle boils and her mind brews. Cupboards of unobtainable chocolate call to her, but she must resist, for there is a higher calling.

She thinks about the superheroes of the world. The flowing capes, the shiny symbols, unearthly powers and magic spells. She knows these things are not real, yet are all around her.

She sees the beauty of the word.

So much potential trapped behind razor-tipped walls.

The nervous are kept prisoner by the guards of tradition. The insecure are intimidated by the oppressive wardens of form. You must not enter this realm, they boom, as they brush their starched uniforms of exclusivity.

In her kitchen, she cooks. For what is more nourishing than the camaraderie of kindred spirits? The dryads of opportunity? The romantic dance of dreams?

As she mixes, the artic blue hemisphere appears followed by the flickering arc fires of orange, and they circle the globe, once filled with a centre of darkness.

In this moment, in her fiery kitchen, she is the dragon queen, her precious eggs snuggled under wing, incubating, until they fly, breathe fire and rule the word.

via Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 19 | Flash! Friday.

This was a dedication to the boss of Flash! Friday Fiction.

As a bonus, it picked up a (independent) nod from the judges 🙂


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