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The Superhero Alchemist She sits and waits. Her time is coming. In her kitchen, the kettle boils and her mind brews. Cupboards of unobtainable chocolate call to her, but she must resist, for there is a higher calling. She thinks about the superheroes of the world. The flowing capes, the shiny symbols, unearthly powers and …

Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 2: WINNERS

I was lucky enough to be accepted as a judge for the fab Flash! Friday, and blessed to be paired with the super-talented, funny and kind Tamara Shoemaker as fellow judge for Dragon Team 2. This was our first session and what am amazing experience it was…

Flash! Friday

HO HO HO! Santa says he’s feeling conflicted about us going into his Big Week; some of the adventures you took him on he just loved; others he didn’t appear to understand, though I heard him whispering to the Mrs. that he suspected they may not have been intended for his youthful ears; still others, he says he is not sure how you got into his private diaries, but when it is convenient and if you are quite finished, would you kindly return them Whence They Belong.

A reminder that we’re forging ahead and will have yet another flash fiction snowball fight this week. Santa may take a break after the 25th, but one’s Muse Does Not. (Or should not? Muses can be so temperamental, and I don’t particularly care for the way mine responds to eggnog.) We are also gearing up for a fresh, exciting format change and some

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