VS365 One year on

FlashDogs Update

5h September 2017 will see the anniversary of VSS365.

What is VSS365?

A daily prompt (sometimes more than one) is posted each day on Twitter from the @flashdogs account. This for anyone that wants to write a tweet-sized story based on the prompt. Generally, this is just a word, but sometimes it is a phrase or saying.

Why did VSS365 start?

The FlashDogs movement was a wonderful thing. It developed from many of the competitions that numerous flash fiction writers were taking part in. The community grew in talent and strength. Anthologies followed. Many of the competitions ceased, some new ones started. In the absence of   regular competitions and the fact that many FlashDogs folk had gone on to produce independent works (which made all of us incredibly proud), I sensed the need to bring the community back together and give them a chance to practice writing on a daily basis. This has been a heart-warming initiative and I’m thankful for all the stories and I’m so pleased to have welcomed some new (very talented) friends to the community.

What now for VSS365, FDMagazine (not real name), or other projects?

Despite increasing the automation on @FlashDogs I can’t support it any longer. I’m a busy guy, what can I say. Hopefully, you feel that I’ve served my time well. I’ve had a number of volunteers offer to help from Sept onwards, which will be great, but I can’t really help in any great capacity.

VSS365 prompts have been scheduled to be posted each day until the anniversary in Sept.

The VSS365 prompts could easily continue. They could be run by one person, or they could be handled on a rotation basis with guests setting prompts each week/month.

The FDMagazine proposal is still a good one. The idea was to publish a bi-annual magazine containing flash fiction, artwork, vss365, poetry and non-fictional articles based on promoting literacy in communities where it would help. The online magazine would help grow the community but it would take some effort from a number of people. The effort would not be anywhere near as intensive as a book anthology, but it would take more time than myself, Emily, Tam or Shakes can give it at the moment.

Essentially, I’m happy to hand the keys over to someone that feels they can support the community going forward. What they opt to do will be of their choosing and that of the community.


Are we doing anything special for VSS365?

I’m glad you asked 🙂

Yes. On 5th Sept we will be posting picture prompts (no words), on Twitter and on this website (to allow for longer stories, should you wish). We’ll keep the prompts open for a week to allow folk to pick the prompts they like and submit either VSS stories, or stories between 100 and 365 words via the website.

Are there any prizes?

Obviously, the main prize is taking part and commenting on the work of others.

Given that the VSS365 method has meant no overall winners or judging process – it seems unfair to try and force one now.

As thank you from me, I will make my novel, Metropolitan Dreams, free for ebook at the start of the prompts (via Amazon Kindle store).

We can also offer up FlashDogs Anthology One, Solstice Dark, Solstice Light and TIME as free ebooks. If for some reason we can’t offer these via the main Amazon website then get in touch and we’ll send you the Kindle format directly (if you have submitted a vss or website story).


It’s been a pleasure, more than that… it’s been a life-changing soul-enriching experience.

Thanks for all your support, your stories, laughs, community spirit and camaraderie. Thanks for helping some dreams come true along the way.

Huge thanks and much love to Emily, Tam and Shakes.



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