One Million (a magic number)

Overdue Update

Hey. It’s been a while.

Life has been incredibly busy. Work is good but I’d need three of me to just keep up.

Since the last update, I worked night and day to get the vss365 anthology project delivered (no mean feat). I completed the third draft of my second and third novel (a phase that took over a year). Lots of other, super hard stuff, but it’s best to not dwell on that. I’m here to talk about a magic number, achieved twice.

Not normal for me to put myself first but, hey, I’m sure you’ll forgive me considering I’ve had to postpone my own writing for most of the year due to the anthology effort.

Novel Two and Three

The beautiful cover, designed by Tamara Rogers

The book has been a beast. Looking at the statistics, it’s no great surprise that it has taken so long.

It tells the story of a city, New York city, from billions of years ago, to today. It follows the paths of multiple characters; angels, demons and mortals caught between worlds.

It is actually two novels and not one. It is approx 190,000 words.

Well over ONE MILLION characters (including spaces)! Think of all those keystrokes. No wonder my fingers are sore.

I’ve started a wonderful writing qualification/course at Cambridge University, so finishing the book will be several months away.

So, while I’m in this pause, I have a favour to ask (as you probably know, I find it painful asking for help of any kind). My first novel, Metropolitan Dreams, has had amazing reviews, but it could do with more reviews (the lifeblood of self-pub authors). So, I’m looking for as many kind folk as possible who can spare a few of their hours to provide honest reviews (I can provide free review ebooks). Just get in touch with me on Twitter: @making_fiction

Thank you!


The anthology took over my life and hundreds of hours were invested. But it has made an incredible difference to so many individuals, who were published for the first time. Thank you for all the wonderful messages (and brilliant photos).

vss365 reached an incredible milestone recently.

Over ONE MILLION impressions in a single day!!

This is testament to all the people that post, re-tweet, host and support the this amazing movement.

As the person who came up with the idea, it has exceeded all expectations. It has made a real difference to the lives of aspiring authors and it’s also great to see so many already successful writers take part too. Your creativity and community spirit fill my heart with joy.

My eternal gratitude to you all!


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