Metropolitan Dreams – Release details

Debut Novel Update

My first novel, Metropolitan Dreams, will be submitted to Kindle Scout soon.

To say that I am proud of the book would be an epic understatement. It has been an ambitious project to attempt for my first novel, but with the help of a very dedicated and talented editor (thank you, EJS), I feel like all of the effort has been worth it.

I have spent so much time working on writing community initiatives and support for others that it feels genuinely exciting (and scary) to have achieved this one thing for myself. This has been an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember.

How can you support me?

How can you get hold of a copy?

The answer to both these questions, for now, is with Kindle Scout.

What is Kindle Scout? It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press.

If you vote for the book and help me to spread the word then I am in with a chance of being awarded a Kindle contract. There is no need to buy the book, the vote is completely free.

What’s in it for you? For a start your support will mean everything to me. But there is something else… If you vote, and I am successful, then you’ll automatically receive a free copy.

It’s a great idea and one I would love to make successful.

I will let you know when the book appears (subject to meeting their criteria).

For now, please enjoy the preview cover which has been created by the amazing Tam Rogers (seriously, is there is no limit to her talent?)



About Metropolitan Dreams


This is a tale of two cities.

Darkness and light.

Sinners and angels.

In the daylight, London sparkles, beckoning tourists, optimists and dreamers from across the globe. The sunlit city weaves together the lives of repentant crime-lords, altruistic nightclub bouncers and resolute detectives.

In the darkness, London festers, drools, tempts and corrupts. It is a world where the desperate are lured, the weak are exploited, and good men wrap themselves in the blanket of criminal rewards. In the seething streets, the hissing underground stations and lost subterranean rivers, the metropolitan dreams of ethical hackers, desperate criminals and traumatised Tube-drivers unfold.

Maria, a vulnerable twelve-year-old from Kerala, India, has travelled half the world in search of her past and hopes for the future. Within hours, violent chaos engulfs her. Maria is tracked, hunted and pursued—she can rescue the city, but first she must save herself.



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