Judging FF pt 2 – Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 6: WINNERS

Tamara Shoemaker and I entered the arena (sorry) for our 2nd session of judging at Flash! Friday. This one was more problematic. Colosseum prompt picture and Janitor as a character led to many, many stories of blood, guts and cleaning. The winner was something special…

Flash! Friday

Happy Monday once again! Thank you for continuing to speak to me despite the (gasp) FORMAT CHANGE!!!!! (gasp). Once we break it in, I think it’s going to be a riot. We’ve got some more freshening up to do here at FF, but have no fear: that was the biggie, and there’s a lot more (less painful) fun coming. The next one’s coming this very Friday, in point of fact.

So, a reminder of how the new format works: there are two elements to include in your 200 word entry: (1) a photoAND(2) a story element. The story elements will rotate through a list of character, setting, conflict, and theme. These are required elements to be included in your entry. PLEASE be sure to ask for help if you’re lost. We’ve got four teams of dragon captains* AND myself at your disposal. ❤

* The captains serving…

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