Emerging Horizons

I had the most wonderful news recently. The British Fantasy Society (a big deal in Fantasy writing, films and conventions all the way back to 1971), were looking to find and promote the next generation of talented Fantasy writers. They've deemed one of my stories to be worthy of such an honour. Their initiative is …

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 30 | Flash! Friday : The Dance of the Origami Girl and Porcelain Boy

Story elements (base your story on any TWO of these; be sure to tell us which two you chose): * Plot: A clever, now fabulously wealthy man seeks revenge on those who once wrongfully imprisoned him. * Conflict: man vs man * Character: escaped convict * Theme(s): revenge AND/OR justice * Setting: Napoleonic France   Story Elements: Character & Theme …

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 27 | Flash! Friday : The Unreliable Narrator

The Unreliable Narrator I’m what you might call an unreliable narrator. But you can trust me. I‘ve been summoned to tell tales of the theatre and this dashing gent, with his smouldering Oscar Wilde look about him, his unruly cravat, foppish hair and come-hither eyes. He is the greatest Shakespearian thespian that has ever lived. …

Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 26: WINNERS | Flash! Friday – Judging week

Judging week on FF --- I hope nobody’s too terribly comfy out there in flash fiction world: we’re winding down the first half of Year Three and prepping for the very, very exciting second. We’ve already announced your new dragon captains, and we’re planning to celebrate their inauguration with a SHEBANG! Coming up in the next couple of weeks we’ve …

Judging at FF 3rd session – Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 9: WINNERS

Judging at FF for 3rd time with Tamara Shoemaker. We were thankful for a much greater range of stories. Overall quality was very high (as were the numbers). Hard choices to make…

Flash! Friday

Today, it will please you to learn, is National Read in the Bathtub Day. I inform you of this first in case your plans did not already include reading in the bathtub and you need to change around the day’s itinerary. If you’re looking for reading material — which bathrooms ought to offer anyway — and have not read all of this week’s compelling tales, allow me to recommend them to you. The stories our judges awarded Honorable Mentions and above to are directly linked. Don’t miss out!

Remember to join us back here tomorrow for the first part of our interview with Flashversary winner Maggie Duncan. And come back Wednesday for our second Warmup Wednesday feature: lots of fun writing and chatting. And, obviously, chocolate, which this week is brought to you by dragon captain Tamara Shoemaker, who came over to the lair this weekend (pic proof

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More judging – Angry Hourglass – Round 56: Winners

More judging. This time I was lucky enough to be asked to judge at The Angry Hourglass…

The Angry Hourglass

Hey all. Welcome back. I’d like to say a quick but heartfelt thanks to Mark A. King for acting as judge this round, and, as always, a great big thanks to you, the writers, for making Flash Frenzy a part of your weekly writing journey. You’ll find Mark’s comments below:

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all. The prompt was a good choice and generated a wide range of stories. Each had elements I really enjoyed:

In mrmacrum’sBed Bugger”, we had a brooding tale of darkness and justice. The use of dialogue worked well in this piece as a tool to drive the story and bring life to the characters. I have to confess I’d never heard the term Bed Bugger before, I so looked it up – should I ever need moving services in the US, I’ll now be thinking twice before calling one of them…

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Judging FF pt 2 – Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 6: WINNERS

Tamara Shoemaker and I entered the arena (sorry) for our 2nd session of judging at Flash! Friday. This one was more problematic. Colosseum prompt picture and Janitor as a character led to many, many stories of blood, guts and cleaning. The winner was something special…

Flash! Friday

Happy Monday once again! Thank you for continuing to speak to me despite the (gasp) FORMAT CHANGE!!!!! (gasp). Once we break it in, I think it’s going to be a riot. We’ve got some more freshening up to do here at FF, but have no fear: that was the biggie, and there’s a lot more (less painful) fun coming. The next one’s coming this very Friday, in point of fact.

So, a reminder of how the new format works: there are two elements to include in your 200 word entry: (1) a photoAND(2) a story element. The story elements will rotate through a list of character, setting, conflict, and theme. These are required elements to be included in your entry. PLEASE be sure to ask for help if you’re lost. We’ve got four teams of dragon captains* AND myself at your disposal. ❤

* The captains serving…

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“The Soul Catcher” – The Angry Hourglass #50 – Win

Featured image

I was honoured and privileged to be chosen as winner at The Angry Hourglass for my story “The Soul Catcher”. Many thanks to judge Voima Oy.

The Angry Hourglass

The Soul Catcher

by Mark A. King

A Photograph Captures the Soul – Traditional Indigenous belief

I remember the first photograph. Yes, yes, how could I not?

My emaciated body ravaged over the centuries, gorged on that first image. I’d fed on the scraps of paintings, the reflections in mirrors and water. But this barely sustained me. I was a but a shell, a vessel, a husk.

They say John the Baptist consumed nothing but locusts and honey in the arid deserts and I have fed on worse.

The very first picture, low definition, grainy and monotone – was like the promise of manna.

Yet I was still hungry. Always hungry.

Later, through the lens of glorious Technicolor, I devoured the entire spectrum of a soul. The dry chalk of powder-puff blue, the bitterness of yellow, the tang of crimson and the spice of teal.

Oh, the souls…

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Flash! Friday Vol 3 – 2: WINNERS

I was lucky enough to be accepted as a judge for the fab Flash! Friday, and blessed to be paired with the super-talented, funny and kind Tamara Shoemaker as fellow judge for Dragon Team 2. This was our first session and what am amazing experience it was…

Flash! Friday

HO HO HO! Santa says he’s feeling conflicted about us going into his Big Week; some of the adventures you took him on he just loved; others he didn’t appear to understand, though I heard him whispering to the Mrs. that he suspected they may not have been intended for his youthful ears; still others, he says he is not sure how you got into his private diaries, but when it is convenient and if you are quite finished, would you kindly return them Whence They Belong.

A reminder that we’re forging ahead and will have yet another flash fiction snowball fight this week. Santa may take a break after the 25th, but one’s Muse Does Not. (Or should not? Muses can be so temperamental, and I don’t particularly care for the way mine responds to eggnog.) We are also gearing up for a fresh, exciting format change and some

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