Smokin’ keyboard and numb fingers

PC fire

I’ll be updating the reward chart soon, but in the meantime I’ve had a week that has given my laptop keyboard friction burns.

  • 2 Entries to Flash! Friday (2 mentions), just completed another two for this week.
  • 2 Entries to The Angry Hourglass (no luck, but I’m happy with both)
  • 1 unexpected entry to ThursThreads (and a win!)
  • 21 reviews for Angry Hourglass
  • A stack of reviews for Flash! Friday
  • Proper judging – for a literary magazine – approx 20 1000-2500 word stories judged
  • Completion and submission of two stories for MaudlinHouse magazine (and I’m delighted to say they’re both being published!)
  • Completion and submission for the Charity Zombie anthology
  • Completion and submission for SynaesthesiaMag
  • Hundreds of tweets via my account and FlashDogs
  • Massive increase in FlashDog activity (resulting in crazy numbers on Hourglass and new people to Flash! Friday)
  • Helping with the Golden Tickets
  • Starting my Poised Pen story
  • I’m sure I’ve missed stuff 🙂

I might go and treat myself!


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