Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 34 | Flash! Friday

“To be alive…again”

158 words

Billy relaxes on the barstool. The smell of freshly caught fish being untangled from fishing nets awakens slumbered memories. The bar overlooks the Suriname River, today, it’s the colour of liquid clay; its beauty is mesmeric.

He promised himself he would enjoy every physical sense this time.

Oh, to be alive…again.

Once every few hundred years he allows himself a break. The boss is good like that. The boss is always generous.

“Get you a drink?” the man asks Billy.

“No thank you, sir. I have this delightful rainbow drink with wooden umbrellas in it. I am Billy…Wilberforce. Pleased to meet you.”

“Barack,” the man replies.

They shake hands. Sit silently. Sip drinks. Enjoy the view.

Billy thinks about Barack, his endearing smile and quiet, but confident demeanour. He wonders, briefly, what sort of life Barack might live.

What does it matter? He has the confidence of a free man.

Billy smiles and raises a glass to him.

via Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 34 | Flash! Friday.

As a reminder, we have to create a 140-160 word story based on the photo and the word prompt (and any other historical references we can glean).

In a rather strange twist, I wrote a story for the competition last week that would have been perfect for this week.

I tried something a little simpler (I think). Again, this seemed to have positive feedback. But, if I’m honest with myself I wasn’t happy with it. No judge recognition this time around.


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