Revisiting Flash! Friday

Flash! Friday is the starting point, the crucible, the starting point of everything.

I went back there to revisit old prompts, to inspire new stories. And I found much more than I was looking for.

Prompt One: 7th Dec 2012 100 word story starting with “On Friday, everything changed.”

On Friday, everything changed.

She waited for him, baiting him, teasing him with her secrets.

She was the majestic presence of a thriving kingdom of yesteryear.

His life had changed. His scars and bruises were variegated reminders of wars he had won since he left.

Maybe there was a way back for him, and the other exiles?

They were stronger now than when they left the city walls, but they ached to return.

To home.

She promised nothing more than words and pictures.

But it is a place of where people, worlds and dreams are born.

Everything changed, on Friday.


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