Walking on the moon

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. So I thought a short blog was a worthwhile thing to do.

Some of the conspiracy theories are very convincing, but when you visit NASA at the Kennedy Space Centre, as I did only a few days ago, you can’t help but be truly awed by the scale and size of the machines.

I’ve been blessed the last few years by visiting sites that have truly shaken me and brought a tear to my eye. A visit to St Peter’s tomb deep below the Vatican was humbling and deeply spiritual. A visit to the 9/11 centre was emotional and moving in ways words fail to describe. A visit to NASA to visit the site of what I consider to be the pinnacle of human achievement, was thought-provoking and profoundly inspiring.

Today, as it stands, the US and NASA can’t even put a person into space from American soil. This is in our incredible world, where we have the knowledge of human history available to us in the palms of our hands and technology that would blow the minds of people only a few decades back. Yet, 50 years ago, the tireless efforts of thousands of people helped to get three men onto the moon–something that humanity would have thought about since we were first able to glance at the night sky.

In our world full of cold detachment, social media bitterness and corporate ‘must have’ commercialism, it is good to be moved, to learn, to feel.



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