Don’t buy my new book!

Yes, words that you rarely hear shouted.

PROMPT Stories, my collection of short fiction, will be released on Amazon earlier than anticipated.

Prompt (3)

This is to allow me to run a free ebook promotion, on, or near, the original release date.

I won’t be making any money from the book, almost certainly losing money – but it wasn’t about that. These were some of my reasons:

  • I’ve collected my stories in a beautiful package (Emily has done a great job with the formatting and design).
  • I’ve dedicated the book to my grandfather, who I recently lost, who I loved heaps and who I will miss immensely.
  • It also allowed me to reminisce on some fond memories, hang out with some incredible (and some dodgy) fictional characters and visit places that are as tangible in my mind as they are in my reality.

So… don’t ‘buy’ the new book, I’ll be giving it away for free fairly soon. When it’s free grab a copy, enjoy your free read and if you could leave a review that would (literally) mean more to me than money.

I can’t keep it free forever (Amazon doesn’t allow such things), so I’ll price it at the minimum price I can between free promotions.



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