New Short Story Collection

Hey, it’s been a while.

Work has been busy and leaking into home time, but it’s all good. Personal life is busy too, but I’m blessed and can’t complain.

Metropolitan Fear, my second novel, is fighting with me like a super-charged electric eel, but I guess nothing worthwhile in life is easy, right? Everything meaningful in my life has taken effort, coaxing, planning, nurturing, effort and love. So, I have high hopes it’ll all be worth it.

While working on the long haul of a novel I thought a short sprint might do me some good. So, I have a side-project taking shape. A collection of flash fiction and short stories safely gathered from the scattered winds of the internet and online book shops.

It’ll be called “PROMPT | stories”.

Prompt: Because the stories came from prompts (pictures, phrases or story elements). Because the stories were written under tough, prompt, deadlines. Being concise, they can be read promptly too. Prompt can also mean exact, and that’s the beauty of short fiction, every word is crucial when you have extreme word count limits.

Reading through the old stories was an uplifting experience. I have to say that they’ve aged well and I’m probably more proud of them with a slight dusting of time than I was when they were fresh out of the shrink-wrapped box. Happy memories.

The collection should be released in the next few weeks, all being well. I don’t aim to make any money from it, I’ll price it as low as Amazon will let me and put it on free as often as I can.

So, for now, I need your help.

I’ve mocked up some early cover designs.

Please let me know which is your favourite in the comments, below.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support – M

Cover 1

Copy of Copy of Prompt _stories.png

Cover 2

by William Brown (1).png


Cover 3

Copy of Prompt _stories.png

Cover 4

Prompt _stories.png






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