Grab some darkness before the adverts for holidays, weight-loss and new jobs…

In the first of two updates in the same day:

In times of endless Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing sandwiches.

In the days filled with rubbish TV ads (and there are not many good ones this year).

With every organisation telling you to buy stuff you don’t need because you love your wife/children/yourself/friends/pets/normally anti-social neighbours more than anyone else.

With the assault of Slade or Bing Crosby bringing you to the point of wanting to join a monetsary, what you need is some darkness.

From the harvesters (best not to get confused with the EarlyBird and Salad Cart specialist restaurant chain) of dark fiction anthology, the Infernal Clock, Steph Ellis and David Shakes, bring us a new masterpiece.

CalenDark has tales taking us through the year on well know days (and some obscure) from a variety of talented authors.

Get your bargain copy here:

Don’t take my word for it.

There is a fantastic independent review, below.

A chapter from my (in-progress) second book is included in the anthology and the reviewer kindly singled it out for some wonderful praise.

Independent Book Review

Knowing many of the other authors, you’re in for a real treat. Tuck-in without the need for the gym.

Happy Advent to you – Mark


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