Sweet Muzak – Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 31 | Flash! Friday

Sweet Muzak

(Themes = Conflict and Character)


My Boy, Lollipop, liked to eat Sugar. He was the Sweetest Thing.

He once lived In The Ghetto, on the Poor Side of Town, where he said, “Money’s too Tight to Mention”. But he had a vision of escape, he had a Poor Man’s Dream.

He made it rich selling Lemon drops coated in Brown Sugar from a store on the edge of Strawberry Fields. His butchers shop went bankrupt, who wants to buy meaty American Pie, anyway?

The competition didn’t like it. For a while it was War. It was Us and Them. They were Wild Boys, led by a Street Fighting Man, he liked to shoot his Uzi and Bullet the Blue Sky. Oh Sweet Child o’ Mine, he became fretful and screamed into the Dead End Street, crying for safety, crying to go home. Crying for Sweet Home, Alabama.

Source: Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 31 | Flash! Friday



Got a Special Mention for this one.


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