*** SPAM *** Lunar Realty Inc Special offer – (Fiction piece) – Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 11 | Flash! Friday

*** SPAM *** Lunar Realty Inc Special offer


Subject: *** SPAM *** Lunar Realty Inc – Special Offer

To: FlashFridayWriterGroup@dragonylairofcadbuy.com

From: admin@lunalandgrab.com


Do NOT delete or skim.

This is not spam. It is a story with a start, middle and end. It is the story of your future and what a future it is.

The beginning starts like every Friday, you sit down, look at the prompts. Cry. Eat chocolate. Drink. Write. Read. You get this mail. Somehow you don’t delete it. Somehow, you believe.

Then you take a chance. You ignore your pending dreams packed in locked bags marked for Hope Street. You take charge of your future. You click the link and invest in Moon Plots.

Then, for a couple of decades, you sit and look at the sneering silver face in the night-time sky.

Eventually, you forget about your purchase.

But then a test case in the High Court. You paid for your plot in good faith. Nobody else has made a claim and now private companies are mining it.

You make it rich. So rich, you can buy a ticket to visit you plot and laugh at the Earth in the night sky. Bwahahahahaha.

All yours for £100, $150 (or Bitcoin if you’re feelin’ frisky).

Click the link – you won’t regret it.

I got a nice and unique award mention for this one: “Best… um… Something. Mark A. King, “***SPAM***Lunar Realty Inc — Special Offer.”  A unique story structure (Spam email) in the second person POV which will inspire some grins, lolz, and/or ROFLz.


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