In the Blink of an Eye : Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 10 | Flash! Friday

In the Blink of an Eye 

Blink| Slushy darkness punctured by brutal light. Blurs. Muffled sounds. Swaddling. Mamma’s warm milk |Blink

Blink| The circling bird above the spire. The rejoicing sound of Sunday bells callin’ ‘cross stubble-fields. My Sunday-best fabric twirls in the playful glow of stained-glass light |Blink

Blink| Christmas. A glittering present box dotted with roughened stab-holes. I see cardboard beyond the sheen façade. Feel the tiny clawing. Hear the softened breath. The purr. The purr. Careful reveal. A kitten. A moment, untainted |Blink

Blink| I look at George in a different way. No longer the rough and tumble, and girl hates boy, and incomprehension. I am but a gladiator, in love with the lion that comes to kill me. People watch. People warn. A touch of skin. A look. A kiss |Blink

Blink| Mamma turns to Mum. Turns to Mother. Turns to the hatred of using her real name, Pearl | Blink

Blink| Perhaps, she smiles from her home of wood beneath buried soil. She was right. So right | Blink

Blink| Under the nunnery cloisters, a lifetime ago, I married God. My silent friend and invisible protector. We waged the war. Love, kindness and compassion. I am so tired. Tired. Now, a final smile. I get to meet my love |Blink

via Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 10 | Flash! Friday.


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