“The Time Traveller” – Flash Frenzy Round 49 | The Angry Hourglass

The Time Traveller

Perhaps this is the thousandth time I have witnessed this.

Yet, this is the final time.

I am a time traveller without a DeLorean.

This pitiful attempt to rewrite the past has eaten away at me like a parasite. I know it has destroyed me more than the growths which now suffocate my consciousness.

I cannot change what has gone before.

I stand on the distant shore. Around me the lights twinkle, sparkle and shimmer. I take the corroded coin from my pocket and place it in the static binoculars that are normally only used by tourists. I place my eyes into the cold metallic sockets and swivel the device. The distant fairground comes into focus and I see the knowing and hungry grins of carrousel horses flash by. Then I see Bethany, my beautiful daughter.

It is June 1996, the summer of Euro96. The sounds of Brit-Pop echo through warm evenings full of joy, promise and hope. Noel crones Don’t Look Back in Anger, and two comedians sing Three Lions.

She absentmindedly laces up her roller-skates. I help her, half-awake half-asleep through the fog of yesterday’s alcohol. I replay that goal in my head. I see myself check the Nokia, laughing to myself at the joke my friend sends to me: black text on ethereal green-screen.

I play Snake on the chunky device ignoring her increasingly confident twists and twirls – her elaborate (yet futile) attempts to get my attention.

The water that separates us has become cold and dark and seemingly eternal.

I scream. At her. At myself. At a god that can sit back and allow this to happen.

The laces come undone and wrap around the wheels.

She falls.



The visions have become more frequent as I sleep more often. But I will suffer them no more.

Now, for the first time, I see a boat is waiting on my shore.

I climb in and let the tide pull me.

I sense that when I reach the other shore, she will not be motionless, she will not be cold. There will be music and hope. I will hold her hand and never let go.

via Flash Frenzy Round 49 | The Angry Hourglass.


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