“St George – Slayer of dragons and lover of honey” – Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 3 | Flash! Friday

St George – Slayer of dragons and lover of honey.

Saint George, or Georgios of Lydda, recalled the battle.

The North Dragon had reeked of the seas; of ancient brine and decayed prey. The dragon glanced at him contemptuously. His face was coloured of pink coral and diluted blood.

“You have no business here, boy solider,” he rumbled, a voice of grinding rock.

“I’ve come to kill you, like I killed South,” George replied.

“You got lucky, boy. South was old, weak and alone. There are three of us here. We are strong.”

He looked at East, a face of orange flames. He looked at West, a white face of bleached bones of corpses.

He dropped his lance and broadsword to the ground. The secret apiarist opened his satchel and released the bees from the hive.

They swarmed and attacked the dragons. A thousand bee-stings to the eyes will kill anything.

But… an apiarist does not make a legend. Decapitating the heads, he quickly concocted tales of swordsmanship and heroics.

via Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 3 | Flash! Friday.

I was looking for something unique in the story and saw the eyes of the dragon, which looked like a bee. This inspired the ‘different’ take on the photo.


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