“We Will Fight Them With Speeches” – Micro Bookends 1.01 – FIRST [micro] BORN • Micro Bookends – Shortlist

So, Micro Bookends was a new Flash comp launched in October.

I loved the concept. A photo prompt. A mandatory first and last word (hence the bookends). A word limit.

Mega hard – but highly enjoyable.

This was the very first week.

First, we will fight them on the beaches.

That’s what he thought he heard across the transatlantic wireless. But the sounds were crackled, ethereal and distant.

He knew the man was called Churchill and thousands of miles away there was a war.

He was young, and he wasn’t interested in the sounds of metal machines of death, not yet. He preferred the sounds of rhythm, of strings on wood.

He heard rumours about the man being shook up by self-doubt and hounded by a black dog.

And, so the young boy Elvis had visions of the songs he would sing and how he would move. A legend was born.

via Micro Bookends 1.01 – FIRST [micro] BORN • Micro Bookends.

I was very grateful to get a 2nd Place award and even more grateful for the following comments from DB:-

“A very clever title referencing both Churchill’s famous speech and the fact he was one of the great speech-givers, inspiring the British people and soldiers during the Second World War. I can picture the young boy sitting, listening to news of events that don’t really affect him, probably waiting for the music to start up again. ‘Wireless’ made me laugh – my granny still calls it that! Great comparison between the harsh sounds of war, “metal machines of death”, versus the rhythmic sounds of music, “strings on wood”. It gets better: “shook up by self doubt” and “hounded by a black dog” refer to the depression that Churchill suffered from, and sets up the reveal: the young boy is a five-and-a-half-year-old Elvis. A fantastic story.”


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