“Judge, Dread” – Welcome to Year Three! | Flash! Friday – Shortlist

Judge, Dread

You sit there and judge me.

Perhaps, you are in your leisurewear, in the sanctuary of your home, with a glass of wine in hand, overlooking vistas of crumpled mountain and flaming sky.

Perhaps you are on a bus, holding a festive bake in one hand and corporate coffee cup in the other. Hastily printed scraps of paper laid on your lap, while odious commuters jostle and rub, and breathe yesterday’s alcohol over you. Do you even try to mask my work from their bloodshot eyes?

Perhaps, you sit there with kindness, or compassion, or a twinkle of recognition?

How many countless moments have I pondered word choices? How many edits? How many fingers crossed in scant hope of a dragon bone left to sustain me for another week?

I used to fear you, oh judge. But it is you that should fear us. For words can conjure magic and inspiration and laughter and tears. And give a Judge, dread.

via Welcome to Year Three! | Flash! Friday.

Yes, this was a cheeky re-wording of a title based on the fact that writing buddy and awesome scribe Image Ronin was judging for the first time at Flash! Friday (he’s now a judge and loves Judge Dredd). And as I helped prompt him to think about the position, I felt obliged to mark the occasion by freaking him out (a little) – sorry about that, IR.

Still, I got a mention for the title 🙂


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