“An Aspirin A Day Keeps The Doctors Away” – Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 44 | Flash! Friday

+ Include Surgery

An aspirin a day keeps the doctors away

They’d tried everything. Sharp syringes containing liquid colours from Barbie-pink to camouflage-green. Foul smelling pastes. Tablets they stuck places that tablets shouldn’t be stuck. Even surgery.

Through their clumsy yellow spacemen suits and Vader masks, they muffled words at me. They said I had Ebola, whatever that means. They wouldn’t let me see mum or dad.

I heard the whispers. They said I only had another few weeks. Maybe I’d be getting out of here, I thought. Then I saw them become desperate and they said they were trying experimental drugs, variants of aspirin. Aspirin is the miracle cure for everything.

They say I died. But…when they resuscitated me, I felt a lot better.

They sent the clowns in as a celebration. The dog looked concerned. Maybe he saw the broken picture above my bed and the spinal cord on the bed-sheet.

Boy, hospital food sure looked better than I remember. Lunch had arrived.

via Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 44 | Flash! Friday.


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