Better late than never: the Writing Process Blog Tour

Liz Hedgecock

I’ve wanted to write this post for ages…but it’s taken me a very long time to get to the point where I felt that I had anything to say!

To explain: Winston Churchill was asked by his barber if he wanted his hair cut in a particular style. His response was:  ‘A man of my limited resources cannot presume to have a hair style. Get on and cut it.’ That’s pretty much how I feel about my writing process; I’m not entirely convinced that, with my limited resources, I can presume to have one.

So when I was invited by the marvellous Mark A. King to join the Writing Process Blog Tour, my first thought was ‘I’m delighted, but I’m not ready!’. I’m not sure that I ever will be, though; so now is possibly as good a time as any.

Here’s a link back to Mark’s post. Rereading it…

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