Corporate Policies – Flash Frenzy Round 38 | The Angry Hourglass


“Why’s he having a rest? Doesn’t he know October is our busiest time of year?”

“Yeah, stupid camel, I mean just look at him. I reckon he’s had a little too much…”

“Always the same every year. I’m not sure why we’re surprised.”

“Yeah, stupid camel, I mean why’s he everyone’s favourite? Why does the boss always protect him?”

“Well, there is the fact that he’s…”

“Yeah, stupid cam…oh, sorry, I wasn’t really listening…You know you can’t say that, right? It’s not politically correct. We have diversity and equality policies these days. Besides, the boss loves him.”

“Okay, he’s…he’s…unique.”

“Haha…yeah, he’s certainly that.”

“Hey, where’s the boss anyway?”

“That’s him, over there. Taking a comfort break with the other five. You can’t miss him, he’s like a beacon in a sea of beige.”

“Good. We can talk now. You know I’m fed up of this game. I’m hundreds of years old now and I wanna break. Retire, maybe someplace warm, like here. Just relax. I never liked the cold. No more autumn panics. And I’m struggling to beat the clock each year. Know what I mean? It’s not right or dignified that we have to practice so early, at our age.”

“The cold never bothered me anyway. But yeah. I getcha. We don’t get the respect we deserve. They don’t even think we’re horses. I mean how disrespectful is that? And they think that camel is one of us, but he’s…oh…so…special.”

“I blame Clement C. Moore. I mean what was that all about?”

“Yeah, well, I’ve had enough…Hey Rudolph! Oi Rudolph! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you buddy…Why you looking so happy? You been storing the mulled wine in your hump again?”

“Blitzen, you can’t say that. You know the policies. We ALL know how he got his red nose. Oh dear… here comes Santa and he doesn’t look happy. Thanks buddy, now we’re looking a visit from HR and going on that diversity course…again!”

via Flash Frenzy Round 38 | The Angry Hourglass.

Usual Hourglass rules applied to this – 36 hours – 360 word limit – use the photo prompt.

So, this was probably the photo prompt that caused me the most issues. I had no idea what to do with it.

I had a restless night, then had a brilliant idea about using the four horsemen of the apocalypse, with one of them having to resort to a camel.

This was the weekend where I came up with the idea for the first FlashDog Challenge. Two entries to Flash! Friday. Five reviews / comments. One Hourglass piece. So, I had a busy weekend drumming up support and awarding medals. When I came to write my inspired piece, I realised that Brian Creek had already written it 🙂

I had to radically change plans but I was sort of stuck on the fact that the animal wasn’t what people believed it to be – hence the new story.

Awaiting judgement. Not hopeful at all.

But hey, I completed the challenge (which in all honesty was a bit of a break for me).

> No prize – but a nice comment from judge RP.


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