The Battle of Marathon (Special Mention) – Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 40 | Flash! Friday

1990, London

“This is so much more than that song.”

“What song?”

“Tom-ay-toe. Tom-ar-toe. Pot-tay-toe. Pot-tar-toe. Who the hell says pot-tar-toe anyway?”

The Home Secretary knows better than to argue with the PM.

Prime Minister Howard stands proud and addresses this sacred home of democracy.

“Mr Speaker. They have gone too far. They’ve declared war on our culture. Our American cousins might think we’re pompous, sure, but we have a right to protect our heritage and what makes us this great nation. Today this, tomorrow we’ll be saying elevator, faucet and spelling things without the letter U! Sure it is just a chocolate bar, but our national identity depends on it.”

He holds aloft the Marathon chocolate bar that they want to rename Snickers.

They erupt in cheers. The vote won. Britain has protected her future.

The nation celebrates by munching Marathon bars, and dancing, and running through the fields, forgetting, just for a moment, that they are British.

via Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 40 | Flash! Friday.

So, from the picture (Olympic marathon event) and instructions to include a war, plus 140-160 word limit and a day to write it I came up with the story above.

I found the prompt this week really hard. I wanted to do something fun, I wasn’t expecting anything. Thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

For those not from the UK (or too young to remember it), Snickers chocolate used to be called Marathon before the US company decided to change it. The press were a little hostile at the time so I thought I’d go back and change history.

Had some wonderful comments from the family of Flash writers on Flash Friday.

Got a very unexpected ‘Special Mention’ (thanks kind judge, Margaret).


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