Who writes short shorts?

Liz likes Flashing 🙂

Liz Hedgecock

Well, I guess I do!

I seem to have been lured into a dragon’s lair…more specifically, a few weeks back I had a go at Flash Friday Fiction, which is mostly staffed by dragons, ably assisted by Rebekah Postupak and her band of judges (who may also engage in dragon maintenance, I’m not entirely sure).

This is the deal:

  • A photo prompt related to this day in history
  • A ‘dragon’s bidding’, e.g. ‘Include a wedding’
  • 24 hours
  • 150 words to fit it all in! (with a very generous 10-word leeway)

And a few months ago I thought 500 words wasn’t enough for a story.

I thought I was being so economical, and my first draft came in at around 220 words. Oops. Chop chop chop, slice slice slice, more feverish counting. I would have chewed my pencil if I hadn’t been writing on a tablet. Aaaaaaaand…submit, cross fingers, and…

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