Black Mirror – pointless episode ranking

I'm not behind the times, but I actively resist watching 'the latest must see' TV shows when they come out. My first (reluctant) episode of GoT was only last year, 2017. I didn't finish the first season, likewise Breaking Bad, where I got to the second season but didn't get any further. The Leftovers, I …


Blade Runner 2049

There is a massive Easter egg right at the start of Blade Runner 2049. Almost all reviewers and casual watchers have missed it so far. I only noticed it as I happened to watch a 'making of' Blade Runner last week (filmed for the Final Cut version of the DVD). It told the highly turbulent …

Metropolitan Darkness : Flash! Friday: Vol 3 – 16 | Flash! Friday

Metropolitan Darkness “I have watched attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion,” the charismatic Replicant says on the large LCD screen. From the Kinect senor, I watch the friends, their gormless faces and silly hats illuminated in harsh TV ghost-light. I have been calling them to me since the Nordic ships, since the …

“The Soul Catcher” – The Angry Hourglass #50 – Win

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I was honoured and privileged to be chosen as winner at The Angry Hourglass for my story “The Soul Catcher”. Many thanks to judge Voima Oy.

The Angry Hourglass

The Soul Catcher

by Mark A. King

A Photograph Captures the Soul – Traditional Indigenous belief

I remember the first photograph. Yes, yes, how could I not?

My emaciated body ravaged over the centuries, gorged on that first image. I’d fed on the scraps of paintings, the reflections in mirrors and water. But this barely sustained me. I was a but a shell, a vessel, a husk.

They say John the Baptist consumed nothing but locusts and honey in the arid deserts and I have fed on worse.

The very first picture, low definition, grainy and monotone – was like the promise of manna.

Yet I was still hungry. Always hungry.

Later, through the lens of glorious Technicolor, I devoured the entire spectrum of a soul. The dry chalk of powder-puff blue, the bitterness of yellow, the tang of crimson and the spice of teal.

Oh, the souls…

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