Four is the magic number

She’s a highly talented and prolific writer, friend, mentor and wonderful supporter of writers everywhere, yes it can be only one person…Tamara Shoemaker.

Not content with a library of books to her name, she’s crafted another fabulous book, Mark of Four.


To celebrate this fine event, I managed to bag a global exclusive–a video interview with Tamara, the weaver of words and worlds.

Please play the video below (her husband is kindly playing me, but with a way smother voice and an American accent). I’ve asked questions about the book, but also some quick fire questions, so we can get a small sense of what makes Tamara tick.



I mentioned that Tamara was a prolific writer, her last book, Kindle the Flame, was released just a few months ago. Check out this brilliant trailer.

Don’t  know enough about Tamara? Read on:


Tamara Shoemaker lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, three children, a few jars of Nutella, and a never-ending carafe of coffee. She authored the Amazon best-selling Shadows in the Nursery Christian mystery series and Soul Survivor, another Christian mystery. Her fantasy books include the beginning of the Heart of a Dragon trilogy: Kindle the Flame, as well as the upcoming Guardian of the Vale trilogy.

Follow her on social media:

Twitter: @TamaraShoemaker





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