History of #vss365

Cast your mind back a few years.

It was Sept 2016, the vote on Brexit was still fresh, Britain was in a state of numbness and Article 50 hadn’t been invoked. Trump and Clinton were still fighting it out, times in the US seemed to be at a turning point much like they were in Europe.

During these strange days, Mark A. King formulated an idea. He was thinking of the next step for FlashDogs (a group of flash fiction writers who had worked on many previous projects for the benefit of charities and the writing community). Many of the weekly competitions had faded away and he felt the writing community needed something new to keep it going.

So, the idea of #vss365 was born. A new writing prompt every day.

Mark posted most of the prompts for the first year, with the anniversary day celebrating by a prompt every hour.

It was too much for one person to manage on their own. So, Mark stepped back. At the time, it was highly successful, but nothing compared to what the future would bring. Voima Oy led the charge to keep #vss365 alive, and the introduction of monthly prompt hosts meant the weight was not only shared but it exploded in terms of growth and participation.

Today, #VSS365 is a strong and vibrant community.

It encourages regular fiction writing, promotes writers supporting other writers, aims to nurture new talent and develop experienced talent through concise and powerful stories based on a daily prompt.

To show how big #VSS365 has become, it’s worth looking at some metrics.

The last daily count (23rd-24th March 2019) showed the following incredible statistics:

476 Engagements

239,787 Reach

321,045 Impressions

That’s just in one day!