For Scott

This is a very rare update from me, but I felt I needed to express my thoughts.

I was incredibly sad to hear of Scott Christopher Beebe passing recently.

Like many people, I didn’t know Scott in real life.

For the few years I knew Scott virtually I came to understand that he faced many challenges, but through my limited viewpoint, I saw a great deal to admire and love about Scott.

He was highly creative. He was a bundle of burning energy that radiated positivity. Through his words, enthusiasm, cheerleading, honesty, care, and compassion, he touched many lives.

He was a passionate advocate of #vss365, and by extension many other creative projects, communities and causes.

When I first started #vss365 little did I know it would still be here today. It still surprises me to know it reaches so many people (at one point it has close to two million impressions a day). It has inspired countless characters, stories, music, poetry, worlds, novels and even film. There are now about a dozen independent vss prompt projects.

However, it is always the personal stories that sink into my very being and stay with me.

I have heard many accounts where people have told me that vss365 changed their lives. It allowed them to practice, to write, to have a voice, to be creative, be inspired, find support, to connect.

Scott was a great example of this. He passionately told me, numerous times, how much it changed his life, he said it ‘saved’ him. I was literally in tears when I found out he loved it so much he even got a permanent tattoo, which was proudly displayed in some of his pictures.

It would be impossible not to be moved when he said how truly inspired, welcomed and accepted he felt. This says so much about Scott as a person, but also about the community. vss365 only exists, and thrives because of the community itself.

He felt that he received, and he wanted to give back, and boy, he did that, and multitudes more.

Thank you, Scott. Rest in eternal peace, surrounded by words, love and friendship.

[Picture credited to Scott’s Facebook author page]

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