FlashDogs #FlashFeeD update

Hello, my friends.

As you may have noticed, the FlashDogs website is down and has been for a few days.

A few hours before this, there were SSL certificate inconsistencies.

Why has this happen? When the site was formed, it was created by a member of the community and they kindly set everything up and hosted the site and we were very thankful for them doing this. Since then, there have been no issues. This week, the first week of our new platform, there seems to have been a heavy amount of work on the hosting location, which appears to have caused a number of serious issues. In very unfortunate timing, this has coincided with the release weekend.

Could we have forecast this? It’s unlikely. As it’s not on a traditional platform so we had no knowledge that this was going to happen.

How much effort went in to it beforehand? A great deal (and some personal money too). The website domain was renewed, privacy add-ons purchased, I purchased a number of plug-ins, the scheme was devised, the scheme was discussed, the rules were set up, the badges and awards were created, the system was tested internally and externally, the platform was communicated, the platform went live. So, I apologise for any frustration you have suffered, but I hope you’ll be forgiving and understanding as there was a great deal of effort and thought that went into the project beforehand.

What now? There are a few options, as I see them currently:

  1. The website goes live again and we don’t have any further issues
  2. The website is live and we decide to move the hosting (this might be challenging)
  3. The website is abandoned and the project with it

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your ongoing support and community spirit.